Saturday, November 28, 2015

Not much November

 Kardyn started a 4 week art class this month, she signed up with Lily Williams. They have so much fun. I've been struggling with what activity Kardyn can do outside of school and I think this is just right for her. Tim is helping me create a Christmas sign to go above our mantle for the Holidays.  I'll take a picture when it's all finished. I love that he helps me with these things!
 Can't forget about our Christmas Tree. Tim and I decided we were just sick and tired of putting lights on and taking them off every year, it's so much work! So he spoiled me with a new, fake, pre-lit, flocked, beautiful Christmas Tree! Then as part of my present he had me go buy new ornaments to decorate. Our old one's were only 15 years old! Anyway, it's beautiful and I love it. The kids were such a big help too!

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