Saturday, November 28, 2015

Not much November

 Kardyn started a 4 week art class this month, she signed up with Lily Williams. They have so much fun. I've been struggling with what activity Kardyn can do outside of school and I think this is just right for her. Tim is helping me create a Christmas sign to go above our mantle for the Holidays.  I'll take a picture when it's all finished. I love that he helps me with these things!
 Can't forget about our Christmas Tree. Tim and I decided we were just sick and tired of putting lights on and taking them off every year, it's so much work! So he spoiled me with a new, fake, pre-lit, flocked, beautiful Christmas Tree! Then as part of my present he had me go buy new ornaments to decorate. Our old one's were only 15 years old! Anyway, it's beautiful and I love it. The kids were such a big help too!

Monday, November 16, 2015

girl time

 Andrea and I needed a bit of girl time, so we made a feast of homemake bread, brie, apples and cheesecake and watched chick flicks.  Sometimes it's just what we need!

 We also attempted to make pumpkin donuts. Let me tell you...they were AMAZING.