Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Very Next Day

The very next day we had plans to drive from Mayfield to Zions.  We woke up early and were on our way by 7ish.  My mom was driving her car with my Dad & Zane.  Tim & I were driving our car with all the kids.  After we had been on the road about an hour or so, my Mom said my dad told her he felt like he was going to throw up and that his arm felt funny.  Then he started having chest pains.  Being the amazing ER nurse that she is, she decided we needed to find a hospital.  We drove to Panguitch where we took him to the ER.  They got him hooked up to everything and gave him all the meds he needed to stop whatever was happening to his heart.  After turning off his DBS, they were able to do an EKG to find out what was happening.  The EKG said no heart attack, but we were still waiting for the blood tests to come back that would also show if damage was being done to his heart.  At this point my mom said it was unlikely that he was having a heart attack so we had begun making plans for us to go ahead into the park and they would come meet us after the tests were finished.  Then the doctor came in and told us that he indeed did have a heart attack and they needed to send him to another hospital in St. George so they could do an Angiogram to see what was really going on.  So my mom and Dad rode in an ambulance for the two hour drive to St. George, while Tim, Zane and I followed in our cars.  Once we got there they had said that his chest pain had stopped, which was a good sign.  They got him in right away for the Angio and were able to tell that he had 3 blockages and that they were going to go ahead and put the stents in them that night.  It's a pretty neat procedure were they go in through the wrist and the groin.  He doesn't even have to be put under for the surgery! After his surgery, the doctor told us that he needed 4 stents instead of 3 and that they think his heart attack was genetic.  We were so lucky to see the hand of the Lord in our lives.  If he would have had this happen a few days earlier, or even a few hours later, we would have been in places where it may have been impossible to have saved my Dad's life.  I feel so lucky to have been able to spend this time with my Mom & Dad.  We are all lucky to still have my Dad here with us!

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