Saturday, June 13, 2015

Continuing our eventful vacation

While we were at the Temple on Saturday, Gene said that Kardyn wasn't feeling too well.  We already knew that she had some allergies or a cold going on, but now I was pretty sure she had a sinus infection, so I called the on call nurse at her peds office and they suggested we take her into the ER (only place our Ins would cover) in case she had pneumonia.. Ugh.  So we took her in, and it looks like it was developing in her lungs and she had a sinus infection so they gave us some antibiotics to treat all that.  She started feeling better the next day so that was great.  Then the same day Brandt was jumping on the trampoline with some of the older kids, and started complaining that he had hurt his arm.  It started to swell up pretty big, so long story short I went with Staci to the ER in SLC only to find out he had a fracture in his arm, it was called a Super Condular Fracture and he was going to need surgery to put some pins in his elbow.  Poor guy! So all of that was fun! Not really, but only adding to the craziness that already was becoming of this trip thus far.

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