Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's March!

What happened to February! Time is flying these days!
 I learned how to Dutch Braid! I wanted to learn so I can do fun braids on my hair whenever it decides to get LONG! But it does look super cute on the girls
 I also love braiding when it's wet so it comes out curly the next day, ha! saves me so much time curling my hair!

 We have Dove's that nest at our house every spring, but this year they decided they needed a "fancier" nest or something.  We had to kick them out so that we can actually plant flowers in there soon.  Kind of sad, hopefully they come back and find their usual nest.
 Here is a little before shot of this little piece of furniture that I was given. I just wanted to give it a little face lift. This was actually after I sanded it, discovered that it had been painted red at one point I guess.

 The kids were so excited that they found BAYMAX at the store, they had to get a photo.

 Here is the after shot. I think it turned out super cute! I just put my work out clothes and pi's and stuff in it, but I think it looks nice in our bedroom.

 Guess what came to town!?

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