Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Time Out For Women

 Tim bought me a ticket to Time out For Women up in Portland in November, I've never been able to go so I was excited! I envied a few friends and we stayed the night up there. The conference started on Friday evening and then we went out to the famous Salt & Straw for ice cream afterwards.  They have really fun flavors, I got the pear and blue cheese one. SO GOOD.

 The conference started again the next morning. The speakers were fantastic and the music was great, there was a pianist there who was amazing. He was my fave overall. It was such a great time to just be uplifted and be around friends. For lunch on Saturday we found this little noodle house. It was super yummy! Then we went shopping after the conference was over in this super cool mall. It was like 4 stories high and like 2 blocks or something like that. Then we had dinner at a fun little pub and then headed home. It's about a 4-5 hour drive so we didn't get home until like 1am or something like that, but we had a blast. Thanks for going with me Carrie and Hollie!

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