Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lunch date with Dad

Everleigh and I took Dad on a lunch date to Jasper's one day, it's a great little local burger joint.

My cute girls

 This girl can't go anywhere without a purse

 Kardyn's class lets the parents come in and see the classroom and have muffins on the first Friday of every month. Everleigh LOVED it the first time we went in. I'm sure she will love it the next time too! My girls are so adorable

7 Oaks Farm

We headed out to 7 Oaks farm a lot this summer, but this particular trip we went with Brittany and her adorable son Gavin.  Kids had fun and we picked out a few pumpkins for decorating our front porches with.

cute photo

There was a thing going around on Facebook where we got the opportunity to share what we believe in and how much we love our family.  It was nice to get our beliefs out there and let people know that we are LDS. We took a picture in front of the chapel for one of the posts, I think they turned out pretty cute for being taken right before Sacrament Meeting started!


Kardyn has yet to do any sports thus far in her life. She is....not very coordinated. I decided I might as well sign her up for something and see how it goes, maybe something not so "group sports" related.  So we tried gymnastics.  It was just a basic class, she had a lot of fun, but let's just say I'm pretty sure we don't have an Olympic Gymnast here.


Somehow Kathlene and I figured out that we have officially known each other for 10 years now! That's so crazy! Of course we had to celebrate, that's what we do best! We made cotton candy, my fave!

Annual Medford 3rd Ward Train Park Pot Luck

Yup, that's right. It's that time of year again. Our ward has an annual train park pot luck, and we love it every year.  This kids always have so much fun, this year was no exception.

Great Find

I went to the annual Jacksonville Garage Sales this summer with Alisha, and was able to score this amazing old fan for around $10. I love it

Day of Firsts

First day of 3rd Grade at Kennedy Elementary for Chase and Kardyn's first day of 1st Grade at Kennedy Elementary

Tim's Deer

Tim went deer hunting this year, and got his first black tail here in Oregon. So proud of him, I'm so lucky to have a hubby who can bring home the meat!

Pictures from the last little bit of summer

Cuteness from the last bits of our summer fun
 Guess who's potty trained! This 2 year old! Such a relief to be finished with diapers in this family! Loving it

 We picked more pears, we didn't make enough pear sauce.  Now we are overflowing with pear sauce. Well, maybe this means I won't have to make some next year, we shall see.