Friday, September 12, 2014

As soon as we got back...

It was Peach Pallooza time! Crissy and I braved the crowds once again to get Harry and David's peaches for 15 cents a pound. (I think was 15 they add 5 more cents every year!)

I froze all of mine this year.

After painting with my mom, I needed my own DIY, so Pinterest helped me make this!

Up next was my Birthday, we won't talk about how old I turned. But Tim made it special for me as always. The kids gave me a helmet to go with my new beach cruiser bike! And a whole bunch of jewelry.

That day I took the kids to the spray park with Crissy and Brittany, and Crissy made me some fabulous cupcakes and bought me lunch. I have the best bestie ever.

Tim had been really busy at work, so he opted to buy me a cake this year, but he cooked a yummy dinner of Panini sandwiches per my request. My cake was chocolate coconut and came from The Cupcake Company. Man was it good!

The kids had been helping in the garden and were super scared of all the wasps, so they came out dressed like this ready to combat them! Don't know how they did it for so long, it was super hot!


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