Friday, September 12, 2014

4th of July

Gunnison did their fireworks show on July 3rd, so we went into town to watch the show. It was pretty impressive for a small town! So the next day they have a parade and fair type thing at their city park, so we took the kids there and they had so much fun. I love small towns, it's like the whole city comes out. Love it.

One of my friends from college is from Gunnison, so I contacted him on FB to see if he was going to be around so I could see him and meet his family! Staci also knows him, so it was super fun to meet up with TJ and meet his adorable little family!

After the fair we went back to grandma and grandpas house and played until it was time for our own fireworks show

We had a little "incident" this year, uncle Jason had bought an ariel box to light off, and it fell over and started shooting fireworks at us! We were all screaming and running away, it was like some bad, slow motion dream with colors all around us! The kids were pretty freaked out when the fire started in the neighbors yard. Who am I kidding, we were all freaked out! It was a crazy experience, luckily nobody was hurt. Don't think we will ever forget that 4th of July!

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