Monday, August 11, 2014

The start to our summer

Our summer has flown by. It started with me painting most of the house. I am painting so our landlord can put in new carpet. I litteraly painted everyday for like 3 weeks. Right up until the very end of June when we left for our month long trip.


I left my house looking like this and boy did it stress me out!

Tim was going to be cutting this shelf in half and moving all the furniture around while I was in AZ so we kind of had to leave it a crazy mess. He did a fantastic job of dealing with the carpet people and moving things and cleaning while I was gone!

Just a bit of fun before church. Chase also had Cub Scout camp right before we left for vacation so that was also a bit stressful for me because I had to volunteer and it was a crazy mess!

I was planning on bringing the girls with me because they had babysitting but they had said the kids had to be potty trained. Well Everleigh is not but I was going to take her anyway, I really didn't have another option. Well, it was stressing me out and a sweet friend of mine texted me the day before and asked if she could watch my girls while I went. Life saver that girl is I swear! So that was super nice and helped me out a lot.

I was in charge of the the cooking station, but I'm not even going to get into it because it was awful! Makes me upset just thinking about it. I'm glad it's over and that we left on vaca right after so I could forget about it!


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