Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Easter. One of my favorite holidays. Not only do I get to buy adorable outfits for my children, but we get to celebrate Jesus. It is because of Him, everything in my life, is mine. Including these cuties.


Everleigh turns 2

Her birthday snuck up on me, as did Easter. I was just starting to feel better and I didn't even realize that her birthday fell on Easter this year. I had a lot of work to do in like, oh, a week. Ya, when your sick, days and weeks run together. I had no idea what or when it was! Everleigh loves Minne Mouse, so I did my best at a Minnie Mouse cake for her. I think it turned out pretty cute.

We celebrated her birthday on Saturday. We found this amazing fort castle thing on sale and decided it would be super fun for the kids to play with outside this summer, so we got it for her birthday. The kids love it!

Also got a bubble maker, so much fun!

This little lady brings so much spunk into our family. I love it when she and Kardyn sing songs from Frozen together. It melts my heart. I love it so much. She has so much personality, everything she says is funny. I love it, being home with her while the kids are at school, is so entertaining. We are so happy she is apart of our family!

Feeling better

I've been feeling better these past few weeks, but before that, I was still feeling awful. I think that all in all, I was suffering for about four weeks. What a horrible virus shingles are! The last little bit there was hard because I was feeling much better, but the nerve pain wouldn't allow me to wear a shirt. I felt like I could finally take care of my kids and my home, but I couldn't leave my house! A friend of mine, who is a pharmacist, suggested that I try using this cream called Capzasin. It's usually for arthritis pain, but can be used for shingles as well. I was scared to use it because he told me it was going to hurt more before it started helping and that was the last thing I wanted! However, I wanted my pain to stop so I decided to give it a shot. The first time I used it, I thought my skin was on fire it burned so bad. So strange because this was like pepper hot, it hurt so bad. He told me I had to use it four times a day! Geez! So I started using it and within a few days, I could wear a shirt! I think I used that for two weeks and I think that's what helped finally get rid of them. I still have some lingering aches but they don't really hurt. More like just annoying, sometimes it's a bit more annoying than usual, but it usually goes away pretty quickly. Right now I'm using some Vitamin E oil to help prevent scarring. My skin still looks like I have some kind of nasty disease, I really hope they don't leave scars. Only time will tell.