Tuesday, February 18, 2014

California Adventure Day 1

On Tuesday we went to California Adventure. This park was so much fun! I enjoyed it a lot.

The Shosteds gave Chase this awesome shirt for his birthday, so of course he had to wear it! Tim saw Gary Sinise at the park! We were all a bit jealous!

This was our photo from the Tower of Terror! Both the kids rode this ride and by the end, Kardyn was terrified. Not her favorite, but the rest of us had fun!

After we rode California Screamin, we went on this giant wheel, where the cars move. This made me horribly motion sick. I had been taking Dramamine every day, but apparently not enough. I had the barf bag out and was willing myself not to puke. This was only the second time I've ever been this motion sick. After the ride, Gene and Karen took the kids on another ride while Tim went to get me some sprite and I sat down for awhile. I started feeling much better, but didn't ride much of anything else that day.

Here is how pale I was after I got off!


Most of the days we ate lunch in the parks and went home for a quick dinner. Usually grandpa would stay with Everleigh while the rest of us went back.

Cars Land was by far our favorite place. It was especially awesome at night!

One of the coolest parts were the Cars Characters that were around. They have DJ, Lightening McQueen, Red and Mater. They all talk and drive around, super cool. DJ played music and everyone came out and danced.

Here's a look at the ride, these are the cars we rode in, I couldn't get. Great shot of the front, so the back will have to do.

The best part of going with a baby was the ability to do the child swap. They would give us a pass to get back on the ride with two other riders, so that person wouldn't have to ride alone. Also, you got to go through the Fast Pass lane. So that was awesome. This allowed the kids to ride. It's rides two times in a row. However, the park was so slow we got to ride averything we wanted multiple times anyway.

This night we were so tired because we stayed to watch The World of Color show, which didn't start until 8:15 and we had to stand to watch it. It was probably 30-45 minutes long. Tim let the big kids ride in the stroller, which meant I had to carry Everleigh all the way home! My arms were on fire by the end of the walk.


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