Tuesday, December 31, 2013


This year marked twelve years of marriage for Tim and I. I'm not really sure how that came up so fast, but whatever. Tim and I had plans to spend a night at Ashland Springs Hotel and go out to dinner. However, our kids decided to get sick so we had to cancel. Sad. We have yet to reschedule. But, Tim did do something super sweet for me. While we were eating dinner at home, Tim played something on the computer for me. As soon as it came on I was confused. The voice speaking sounded like a friend of ours from college, but I didn't know how it could be. Then he started talking like he was DJ-ing and was playing a song on special request for "the love birds Tim and Anja". Then I started crying. Tim had contacted our friend Tommy from college who we both knew and DJ-ed with on the college radio station at Snow. He made a short little play list up for Tim so he could play it for me. Best anniversary present to date. It was so much fun to listen to and know that Tim thought of something so creative for me to make me happy.

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