Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kardyn Turns 5

I am so behind with blogging, but in June, Kardyn turned 5! I don't know how she got to be this old, I think she s still 3 in my mind. Well, she's growing up so fast and super excited to start kindergarten in a few weeks!

Dad took the birthday girl together donuts for breakfast!

Kardyn decided she wanted Tinkerbell wings for her birthday cake this year.

Then we went to the park for cake and ice cream with some friends.


Big helpers

This summer we have tried something new with the chores for the kids. They have mandatory chores they have to do everyday (brush teeth, get dressed, make bed and read for 15 minutes). After that if they want anymore video game or computer time, they have to do more chores to earn the time. Things like cleaning the baseboards, wipe down the doorknobs and fingerprints on the doors, clean sliding glass doors, etc. this has worked brilliantly! My house has never been so clean, and my kids don't bug me a million times a day to play video games. Ok, maybe that last part is only Chase!

Tim took the kids to local car show, so I add a few pictures so they could remember for future reference.

One night we had lunch at the park with the Blanks at Bear Creek Park. Of course we had to get a picture by the shoe tree!


Camping with the Hillmans

We went up to Howard Prairie Lake to spend the day with the Hillmans, we couldn't stay long, but the kids had so much fun.