Saturday, June 22, 2013

Quick trip to Arizona

For Mother's Day this year Tim surprised me with a long weekend trip to see my parents. The airline that flies cheap from here to there, only flies on Thursdays and Sundays. So that's how long my trip was! I took the baby and he arranged for help with the other kids while I was gone.

I didn't have time to see friends, but Kendra and Dan live right by the airport, so we had lunch as soon as I got off of the plane. Plus I just had to see this sweet new baby, Aspen. She's a doll.

While my mom and I made some terrarium's for her, Everleigh played invite the water table.

We also decided that we had to go to Portillos for dinner. Portillos is a restaurant that is only in the Chicago-land area, but I guess they are expanding now! I couldn't wait to have a Chicago style hot dog, and their famous chocolate cake shake!

We also visited the Phoenix Temple, which is under construction.

I was able to see Zane play with his Jazz Band, that was awesome! Everleigh loved the music.

My mom and I also made skirts for the girls in our family. They were super easy, and turned out way cute!

The plane ride with the baby was pretty great. She did awesome, slept most of the way. (Isn't that what benedryl is for!?) we had a great trip, wish we could do it more often! Thanks for having us Nana and Papa!


The baby

Everleigh likes to put things on her head. She hates it when other people put things on her head.