Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tim's ankle surgery

About a year ago, while Tim's company was shooting a commercial ,he hurt his ankle. They need people to play basketball, and he rolled his ankle. Well, it was bad, and a year later, he had surgery on it. His recovery time was 2 weeks non weight bearing, and then lots of physical therapy after that. He is currently still at PT, but is finally able to walk....slowly! Here are some pictures for the last few months.

This was us waiting for his pre-op. his doctor was super behind.

The next day all ready to go.

Waiting some more. Lots of waiting involved.

Tim's view on the couch for the next two weeks!

At least he had a friend

This was me happily running errands with no children! It was lovely.

Then we had another disaster. This happened the first time Tim was off the couch for more than 5 minutes. He knocked a picture frame off of the wall with his knee scooter and broke one of my picture frames. He thought he could fix it while under the influence of narcotics. Bad choice. He sliced open his hand, requiring stitches. Nice one babe.

Now he was REALLy gimpy



Katie said...

poor guy! I bet it has been hard on all of you the past few weeks. That cut was BAD!! Note to self: don't move while under the influence ;)

JulieN said...

Oh my gosh! Had no idea all of this was going on. Crazy!!!