Thursday, May 30, 2013

The last little bit

We have been staying busy around here. School is almost out, Tim is slowly recovering from surgery, and we have been getting over being sick and having nasty allergies. This post is mostly catch up of random photos.

I love it when I find these sweet things in my room before I go to bed. Someone has an imagination!

Me and my girls took Kathlene to Red Robin for her birthday!

I love this next picture. I was trying to slowly ween the baby, and she was not liking the whole all.

Now that she is weened, she sucks her fingers much more!

But we don't mind, it's cute!

I think for awhile there after Tim had his surgery we were all feeling a little bit stir crazy. So one day we drove out to the local fish hatchery and watched people catch some big fish. Then we stopped at Phil's Frosty on the way home and gotta quick treat.

Free comic book day! May the Fourth be with you!

Practicing an inside our fish tail braid.

Kardyn is my big helper outside. She loves to sweep, help me pull weeds and plan flowers! I don't know what I'm going to do next spring when she is in kindergarten!

Made terrariums! However, I have already managed to kill one of the plants so I will be re planting part of it soon.

Helping dad cook me dinner on Mother's Day!

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