Monday, April 1, 2013


I hate dying Easter eggs. Is that so wrong? Good thing Tim likes to do it with the kids or sadly I'm afraid my kids would miss out on this Easter tradition.

Easter morning in our house consists of finding candy filled eggs that the Easter bunny has left for them to find. This year Kardyn was super excited, notice she is a blur in most of the photos because she was moving so fast.

9:00 church is hard on this little girl as it starts at the exact time her nap normally does. I try and put her down for a quick one before church starts. Sometimes she sleeps and sometimes she just gabs to herself. Well, this Sunday, she slept. I could barely stand to wake her up. I hate doing it, but it's the only way she is semi-manageable at church.

I was really happy with the way the kids Easter outfits came together this year, I think my favorite ones thus far!


Big fish and 11 months old

One of her favorite new past times

I guess this baby needed a cool place to sleep


The biggest fish he has ever caught! 29 inches!!

Chase and Tim saw this kid in our neighborhood, random.

Crazy hair day at the park, I was at home sick this day and didn't get any of the kids dressed, so of course it had to be the day Tim took cute pictures of the baby.

Turkey sighting in town!


Kardyn took a face first dive from a truck onto the pavement, she was a pretty good champ about the whole thing, but she's got a nice shiner on her forehead!

The goings on

I know, it's been too long. Blogging seems more of a chore these days, mostly because I feel like my pictures are already in about three or four other places where most of my family and friends see them on a regular basis. Putting them on here is just another place they go, but I need to remember that I like to make my blog into a book, so blogging is good! At least that's what my husband keeps telling me. Well, on that note, I have a lot to catch up on....

Most of these are just my favorite pictures from the past few months, they show what we've been up too.

Chase is finally starting to read more. I think his teacher this year has made a big difference for him.

We started our garden this year all from seed. We are super excited to see how it works out! Our plants are currently living in our windowless laundry room under a grow light and thriving! We can't wait to plant them outside.

We helped host Lexi's sweet sixteen birthday party. Tim and I helped Kathlene and Travis make a photo booth for the kids, they loved it, and we had a lot of fun playing in it too!

We mailed some fun Easter eggs in the mail! Don't worry Smith family, we'll get you guys next year!

Watching her brother and sister play outside

Went to a monster truck show with the Cleggs, the kids had a blast!


DJ keeps catching big fish! Tim was jealous, he had to catch one of his own...picture to come in next post!