Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This was our first snow day since Chase has been in school. I guess we should have known, Medford gets little to no snow in the winter. It was funny because I didn't even know it had snowed until Tim came back home with Chase after supposedly dropping him off at school. I was confused, they were being silly and not telling me why Chase was back at home. After they told me I looked outside and low and behold, there was a dusting of snow. How funny. They really should just implement delayed days here. That is what I experienced the most of when we lived in Pennsylvania when I was a kid. They got tons of snow...all the time. But since clean up started early and they were prepared and could do it fast, we mostly had delay days. Then we just started school a few hours later. No big deal, and then it took awhile for us to yield up enough time to a actually have to make up a while day at the end of the school year. Here, our snow was melted before noon, heck probably 10am. Oh we'll, it was an excuse to be lazy and play with friends all day! Yeah for dumb snow days!

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Amy said...

Seriously? They closed school for THAT?