Thursday, December 27, 2012

What I did today, in pictures!

My friend did this fun thing once where she took pictures to show all she did in a day. I thought that might be fun, so here is my day in photos.

Started with breakfast, then changed a diaper and got the baby dressed.

Put Kardyn in the shower

Then baby and I took off the tags of our new Christmas clothes

Then I fed the baby, this is what info while I feed her

Got chicken out for dinner. If you haven't tried these, you should. Great price from Costco and they have no added hormones or steroids.

Got Chase in the shower and started laundry

Got some bins of clothes out from the garage so I could change out baby's stuff sometime this week.

Checked on the boy 3 times since he was yelling for me, before I got him out.


Put baby down for nap

Folded laundry and played a game with Chase


Uploaded my new DMB cd


Baby woke up and I changed another diaper

Hung Chases name on the wall that I recently painted

I finally showered

Made lunch and put baby down again

A little me time with my current Netflix obsession, Dawson's Creek

Snuggle time

Started sorting toys to get rid of with the kids

Then started making dinner! Wow, all that before 5pm! Dinner is not usually a fun time around here, baby is usually super fussy which makes dinner making stressful. Well. There you have it, what we did the day after Christmas! I hope your Christmas was fantastic, we sure had a great one.

1 comment:

Emily said...

That is a lot of diapers! :)
It looks like a good day!

Merry Christmas to you guys!