Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pear Picking

Here in this great state of Oregon, the LDS church owns a pear orchard in which they use to send it's fruit to bishops storehouse's and such all over the country. As a member in the area (members come from as far as Northern California some years) we are expected to help harvest. Each member is supposed to volunteer 12 hours of their time to help harvest. Some years this is next to impossible, and is year Tim and I did as much as we could! Each ward also is given assignments so we were able to attend those as well. The pictures above are of family night. Generally you have to be 12 years old to pick, but once a week on Monday evening, they allow children to come and help as they have no large equipment out those nights. The kids had fun, Kardyn was a big helper, she probably picked close to as many pears as I did that night.

Then of course we get to take home our own pears for canning and such. This year is crazy busy, I just got mine out if the fridge to ripen so I can get them done ASAP as we will be moving at the end of this month. Last year we ventured a bit and made pear butter and pear syrup along with my usual canning of haut the fruit. It was super good, but took a lot of time to cook down. This year I think we are going to try pear sauce, you know, like applesauce? Hopefully it works out, I just think it will be much less time consuming, and we will need it all the same. Here's to pears! Wish me luck!

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