Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pear picking

Our church owns a pear farm here in Southern Oregon, and as members, we are required to help harvest. We each have a specific amount of hours that we have to work. On Monday nights however, they have family nights where you are allowed to bring children because there will be no big machinery around. So we went last night. The kids had so much fun. Kardyn was the best helper, she probably picked about as many pears as I did.

The sunset as we were leaving was beautiful.

Monday, August 20, 2012


I think we officially have a finger sucker! We pretty much knew this from the day she was born, but she doesn't take her bink anymore. I'm fine with it, it makes her happy, im just not looking forward to making it stop when she gets older.

The other day Chase set up his army so I had to get a cool picture.


Kardyn wanted her "bugs" to watch TV with her the other day. We made them out of plaster and then they got to paint them. They thought it was super fun.


Been busy


We have been busy around here taking care of the 80lbs of peaches we got from Harry and David's for 10 cents a pound! We froze most if them to use in smoothies, or on our oatmeal. We also made lots of jam. Then we tried something new, we made peach BBQ sauce! It turned out pretty dang tasty if I do say so myself! We also picked some blackberries to make jam and then we froze some of them whole for smoothies and oatmeal as well, yum!



Baby Everleigh is 4 months old

I can't hardly believe that my baby is four months old today! She is growing up so fast. She a pro at rolling over, although she hasn't master the roll from her stomach to back yet. She is super amazing because she sleeps through the night! My other babies I had to help them sleep through the night, and they were much older, probably around seven months old. But this one did it on her own! She usually goes to bed around 7 or 8 in the evening and wakes up anytime between 6-8. I love it, let's hope she keeps it up!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sweet Sunday

Today my heart is full. Today was fast and testimony meeting at church. The beginning was rough for me, Everleigh was tired so I stepped out in the lobby to try and calm her down so she could go to sleep. After she fell sleep I made my way back into the chapel so I could sit with my family for the rest of the meeting. The spirit there today was strong and I love having a sacrament meeting where I feel so overwhelmed because it always helps me get in the right place to teach my next class second hour. Today my lesson went better than expected and my kids were awesome....well, they always are, but today stood out to me. I just love being able to connect with these young kids so that they are able to recognize and feel the spirit as well. It amazes me at how young they are {16-18} and how in tune with the spirit they are. I love seeing them tear up in class, it makes me feel like I'm doing my job as their teacher, and it makes me proud of their parents for teaching them the right things, it makes me want to be an even better parent so that my kids can hopefully be as knowledgeable as they are at such a young age. I just love my calling, this is the second time I've been called to teach this Sunday school class and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite callings. I've also been trying hard this week to read conference talks. With how accessible they are now days, I don't have much of an excuse to not be reading my scriptures and conference talks more often. I was really able to see first hand today how doing those things just made my week so much better. It really strengthens my testimony and I'm glad I was able to share my experiences with my class.

We went to a wedding yesterday so I just had to throw in a few cute pictures just for fun! It was 107 degrees here in Medford yesterday and we are not used to that kind of heat! The wedding we attended was outside and I think I lost 2 pounds just sweating so bad! Yikes!


Friday, August 3, 2012

What happened

Everleigh has been sleeping in my room at night since she has been born. {not in my bed} Now usually I get my babies out and into their own crib as soon as I can because I don't sleep well with them there. However, this time it's been different. The house we are renting right now has a rather long floor plan, and honestly, at this point, it's just laziness on my end. Her room is pretty far away and she is still waking up two times in the night. You see my point? I do not really want to walk all the way to her room, half asleep. Which now brings us to the reason why I am writing this post.

Last night I decided it was finally time for her to be in her own bed. Why? I am not getting enough sleep, go figure. She has begun to move around quit a bit and this wakes me up several times in the night, aside from when she wants to eat. Ok, so last night I put her in her own crib and set up my baby monitor. First time I heard her it was around 1:30ish and I immediately jumped out of bed (mostly because she scared me) then I turned down the baby monitor, because it was way too loud. Well, I thought she must have fallen back to sleep (this was not her typical wake up time to eat) because I didn't hear her cry out again. I fell back to sleep. Next thing I know it's 6:30, hmm. I grab the baby monitor, and its silent. No even any static. Pretty sure the batteries died at some point during the night. I ran to check on her. She's sound asleep {sucking on her fingers actually} I come back to the bedroom and tell Tim what happened, and at this point, I'm teary eyed. Did she cry her eyes out and think I left her in that big room all alone and she was starving? I guess I will never know. The only consolation tim offered was that her sheets nor her pajamas were soaked in tears and she didn't look all poofy eyed or scratched all over her face Ike she had been sobbing. She was also nursing just fine (at this point I had woken her u to feed her) and happy. He was pretty sure that if she thinks I had left her in there, she would be pretty mad at me, she can be pretty stubborn already. With all that being said, I guess I will never know if my baby had slept through the night or starved. And well, she's still alive, so I'm pretty sure she didn't starve to death! I guess we will have to wait and see how things go tonight, but I'm pretty certain she liked being in her own room!

Small reminder

This morning as I'm eating breakfast with my kids, this song comes on {Good Life, by One Republic} and for some reason all of a sudden I was completely overwhelmed with the spirit. I just felt so fulfilled with my calling as being a mom. Sitting right there with my 2 kids and looking down at my precious baby. I think being a mom is hard. I'm glad sometimes Heavenly Father knows it can get hard and he can remind me how grateful I should be for them. Right now, we've been blessed to see the hand of the Lord working in our family and it just reassures me that we are doing the right thing, right now, and going in the right direction. It just makes things....easier. I need to remember that when things get hard.