Friday, July 20, 2012

Blessing Day

Everleigh turned out to be our only child who has actually been blessed in a chapel on Sunday. Kardyn was blessed in a chapel, but it was NOT a Sunday. Chase was blessed on the same day that my brother was baptized, which was not on a Sunday either. Anyway, my mom keeps the dress that all the girls have been blessed in. It was my Great Grandmothers blessing dress that her mom made for her. {this is on my dad's side} So I think my mom told me this dress is over 100 years old. Both my sister and I were blessed in it and my 2 girls now have been, and my niece was as well. What an awesome tradition. I hope my grand kids will get to carry it on as well.

So Tim changed out of his church clothes before we could get a picture, and our kids weren't tall enough to cover his shorts when I said "just put your shirt on and the kids can stand in front of you." Oh well. Tim actually super sprained his ankle, so bad it had to be in an air cast for over a week and on crutches for a week. He's still recovering, his foot was so swollen...we won't post pictures on here, they aren't very pretty.

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