Monday, July 23, 2012

Jackson County Fair

Randomness over the past few months

These pictures are just some of my favorites from what has been going on around here over the past few months. Here is my lovely desk that I scored on craigslist for only $15. With some new paint this baby will be an awesome addition.

Lots of the pictures of Everleigh are documenting her crazy hair. No matter how many times I get it wet and slick it down a day, it just wants to stick straight up.

This is crazy bed head hair after she had a crazy braid in her hair

Tea party
Missing teeth

3 Months old

Pictures of my baby

practicing the art of sewing

Ever since I was given my sewing machine, I've been excited to use it, BUT really intimidated by it. I really haven't used it for much, a few little things here and there. I'm just nervous to try and figure out how to use it. So, in order to get comfortable with it, I asked a friend of mine who sews if she would pick out a cute pattern and make the same dress with me for our girls. We found this pattern online and then carefully selected our fabric. {I rather love it, don't you?} The dresses turned out adorable {just don't look to close at my hemming job} and I had a lot of fun making it. Now that I am more comfortable with my machine, who know's what I'll make next!


We have done lots of fishing so far this sumer. Here are some pictures from our adventures.