Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Everleigh Elle Eisenbrandt

It's taken me a bit to finally get around to blogging, but my poor sweet baby has had a pretty rough first week and a half of life. {I'll get to that part later}  First, I can tell you about this ugly picture and birth story, so if your not into that, you can skip to all the pictures. I started have some contractions on Thursday afternoon, the 19th. I wasn't too worried, since I still wasn't due for 11 days, I figured they were braxton hicks. Well, they weren't going away when I would sit down or try and rest so I figured maybe that night I would go into labor. I went to bed early, anticipating a long night. I woke up around 2am feeling more contractions that seemed to be stronger, but nothing consistent. These kept me up all night, and unable to sleep, I mostly walked around my house. I finally decided to call the hospital around 6am to see if they had any advice. They told me I was probably in the beginning stages of labor and that I should come to the hospital when my contractions were consistent for about an hour, and told me to take a walk to get things going if I felt up to it. I asked Tim to stay home from work because I was pretty sure that I would be having the baby that day. So he took the kids and ran a few errands in the morning while I walked in circles around my house. I had called a friend to come over and go on a real walk with me but she couldn't come until 11am. Once she got here we went for a walk and my contractions were super strong. Once we got back home, Tim had made us lunch and our other friend had come over to help out with the kids once we decided to go to the hospital. I was really starting to feel like I needed to go to the hospital after about 30 minutes of being home, but Tim must have been in denial or something and was busy worrying about cleaning up and getting things in order before we left! I mean HELLO, I'M IN LABOR HERE! After like the millionth time of telling him we needed to leave, we finally left for the hospital. GEEZ, it's not like I'm having a baby or anything :) Anyway, so we got to the hospital around 2pm. The nurse said I was dilated to a 7. Oops, Tim felt bad, he didn't think I would progress so quickly I guess. I made sure my nurses knew that I NEEDED my epidural. I wasn't prepared to do it without. She let me know that if my water were to break, that baby was coming fast, which made me super nervous. So, fast forward 3 HOURS! No epidural yet. Nurses are furious, don't know what's happening {they said the policy is 30 minutes once you say you want the drugs} This is now how I can explain my awesome picture below. I DID NOT WANT MY WATER TO BREAK WITHOUT MY DRUGS. I refused to be checked or move until I got my drugs. The nurses were kinda nervous that I sat JUST LIKE THAT for 3 hours, without moving, through huge contractions. I can't believe I did it either. Everyone kept telling me if I can handle those contractions like that, then I can have the baby without the epidural. But I wasn't ready for that and was pretty scared. I just really wanted my drugs. Eventually it came and my water broke within 15 minutes. The doctor came to break the rest and told me I was at a complete 8. He left, nurse checked me again like 15 minutes later and I was complete. She called the doctor back and pushed through 2 contractions, and there she was! It was such a neat experience not knowing what the baby was until she was born. 
She was 20 1/4 inches long weighing 7lbs 7oz and was born at 5:41pm.

big brother and sister

This picture {below} is kinda funny. Tim's work does most of the advertising for the hospital I was in. When Chase was about 2 yrs old, his work was doing a photo shoot at the hospital and needed some people to fill in. So we came down and were in a few pictures. Well, apparently that ad they made is now in EVERY ROOM in the hospital. How funny. The nurse in the picture with us was actually my nurse this time around and we also took her child birth class when I was pregnant with Chase. Small world. We didn't even notice this on the wall until I was changing rooms that night. 

Before we could leave the hospital on Saturday, they had to check Everleigh's billie rubin twice. It was a bit too high so they wanted to check it one more time before we went home. Well, turns out it was still on the high side. The doctor wanted us to go to the lab the next day to have her blood tested again to see if it was continuing to climb. Sure enough, it was. So they sent us to the lab again the next day. Still getting higher. This time the doctor told us that it was getting too high, too fast and she needed to be under the lights. So that afternoon we were admitted to the hospital and she was put in the incubator with all the lights. They tested her blood again that night at 6pm, and her levels were already down 2 pionts. Good news, finally.  The doctor said they would check it again in the morning and decide what to do from there. Up until this point, most of the past few days had been a giant blur for me, and more emotional than anything. I'm not worried that she's going to get worse, I'm just stressed and sad for her. This night was the hardest. She cried for 2 straight hours and there was nothing I could do. I couldn't hold her, they wouldn't let me nurse her until it was necessary {which it wasn't at this time} it was emotionally draining for me. Finally in the morning the doctor came in after her blood results came back and told us we could go home. Her levels had dropped 7 points since she'd been under the lights and didn't feel it necessary for us to stay any longer. However, I did have to take her back to the lab later that afternoon to get her blood drawn one more time to make sure that it was staying down after she'd been away from the lights. So we went home, and I slept, and so did Everleigh. We were both exhausted, thank goodness my mom was there to help with the other kids. 

The rest are pictures of her finally relaxing at home. Until that is, she caught a cold. I guess that's just what happens when you have more than one child, but it's been so sad. Poor baby can barely breath. I finally called the nurse at my pediatrician's office yesterday too see when I should be worried since she's had this thing for 5 days now. They wanted to see her. So I hauled her in to the doctor's office {she's now been there 3 times before her 2 week appt and to the lab 4 times} to have her checked out. They checked her for RSV, thankfully it was negative. Just a nasty cold and hopefully it will get better soon.

I'm so thankful for the wonderful family and friends and visiting teachers that I've had helping me this past few weeks. I couldn't have done it without them.


JulieN said...

She's absolutely beautiful Anja...I can't wait to meet her!!!

Bean said...

Poor girl! She's had a rough start. I hope she gets feeling better soon!Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Love ya!

Paige said...

What a little sweetheart! She is so beautiful and I'm sorry she's had a rough first week. I know it's just as hard on mom, though! Hang in there. So happy for you!

Emy said...

Oh Anja! She is beautiful, I love her eyes. I hope you are hanging in there! I'm glad you had so much help. Just hold on!

Emily said...

I am so glad that she is doing better, and that everyone is adjusting well. What a precious little one!

Mary said...

Congrats. And I love her name!