Friday, January 27, 2012


OK here's the deal. I'm about ready to enter my 3rd tri-mester and I'm ready to get things organized for this baby. However, what I really want to do it go through my baby clothes, which I can't the garage...and I never remember to ask my hubby when he's actually around to do it. SO, instead today I decided to go through all my scrap fabric. Which really isn't much of anything. Just some old clothes that I thought I could maybe refashion into something else and some other randomness or small real scrap fabric. So, I cleaned it out and kept what I needed. I really wanted to make something. I've been wanted to get crafty again for awhile but it's too cold for my big projects (painting my table) and a few things like that. So I've been trying to come up with something else to do. After searching my pinterest boards of what I can do with some old t-shirts, I came up with these fun scarves.

I made one in black too, they were {super}'s the link to the TUTORIAL I used. I like them. I think they will add some new life to my boring maternity clothes, which I'm already sick of wearing. Actually, I was sick of wearing them the moment I pulled them out of storage! Oh well! 

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