Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was great. Having kids makes it so much more worth while. Kardyn got a new big girl bed this year! She's been sleeping in the toddler-bed crib, but we will be needing that for the new baby soon so we thought we'd start transitioning her to a big bed. She loves it. 
Chase made me this ornament at school
Chase got lots of Lego's this year. He's had so much fun learning how to put them together all by himself! Him and Dad had lots of fun building lego's and watching Star Wars on Christmas Day.
Kardyn was so cute, she got me finger nail polish so I can paint her nails. She even told me what it was before I opened it :)
Nana and Papa gave Kardyn a "feeding baby" as she calls it. She loves this doll, carries it all day long.

Chase is a little obsessed with Nut Crackers. Don't know why, but we've started giving him one every year for Christmas and it hasn't gotten old yet. He was so excited when he pulled his Pirate Nut Cracker out of the box. 

We didn't have any family visit this year but we had our brother-in-law set up his computer in his front room too so we could skype all morning. It was really fun to see everyone and grandma and grandpa were there too. We will have to do this more often, it was great.
Chase got so many lego's so Kardyn helped him sort them all out into storage bins. 
We had a wonderful Christmas and we hope you did too. This weekend we are traveling up to California to see my sister and her family get sealed in the temple to their adopted kids. We are so excited! We'll post pictures when we get back. Happy New Year!


JulieN said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all!!

Emily said...

What a great Christmas!