Friday, January 27, 2012


OK here's the deal. I'm about ready to enter my 3rd tri-mester and I'm ready to get things organized for this baby. However, what I really want to do it go through my baby clothes, which I can't the garage...and I never remember to ask my hubby when he's actually around to do it. SO, instead today I decided to go through all my scrap fabric. Which really isn't much of anything. Just some old clothes that I thought I could maybe refashion into something else and some other randomness or small real scrap fabric. So, I cleaned it out and kept what I needed. I really wanted to make something. I've been wanted to get crafty again for awhile but it's too cold for my big projects (painting my table) and a few things like that. So I've been trying to come up with something else to do. After searching my pinterest boards of what I can do with some old t-shirts, I came up with these fun scarves.

I made one in black too, they were {super}'s the link to the TUTORIAL I used. I like them. I think they will add some new life to my boring maternity clothes, which I'm already sick of wearing. Actually, I was sick of wearing them the moment I pulled them out of storage! Oh well! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oakland Temple

A few weeks ago we were able to drive down to the Oakland Temple to meet my family for Aubrey and Jardan's sealing. They've recently adopted 2 of the cutest kids ever, and finally were able to have them sealed to them in the Temple. We had tons of fun, including stopping at the Jelly Belly factory on the way up. My camera was acting bizarre {and may be broken} so I didn't get any pictures there and hardly any at the Temple as well.
Papa with the kids

Aubrey and her cute little family
Here's the whole group! Jardan's aunt and uncle came from Portland to be there as well.

After the sealing we went to the stake center that is on the temple grounds and had lunch. We stayed and visited until Aubrey and her family went back home and Tim and I went to dinner with my parents before we headed to a hotel for the night. We had a lot of fun and wish we had some more time to visit our friends in Sacramento while we were driving by

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was great. Having kids makes it so much more worth while. Kardyn got a new big girl bed this year! She's been sleeping in the toddler-bed crib, but we will be needing that for the new baby soon so we thought we'd start transitioning her to a big bed. She loves it. 
Chase made me this ornament at school
Chase got lots of Lego's this year. He's had so much fun learning how to put them together all by himself! Him and Dad had lots of fun building lego's and watching Star Wars on Christmas Day.
Kardyn was so cute, she got me finger nail polish so I can paint her nails. She even told me what it was before I opened it :)
Nana and Papa gave Kardyn a "feeding baby" as she calls it. She loves this doll, carries it all day long.

Chase is a little obsessed with Nut Crackers. Don't know why, but we've started giving him one every year for Christmas and it hasn't gotten old yet. He was so excited when he pulled his Pirate Nut Cracker out of the box. 

We didn't have any family visit this year but we had our brother-in-law set up his computer in his front room too so we could skype all morning. It was really fun to see everyone and grandma and grandpa were there too. We will have to do this more often, it was great.
Chase got so many lego's so Kardyn helped him sort them all out into storage bins. 
We had a wonderful Christmas and we hope you did too. This weekend we are traveling up to California to see my sister and her family get sealed in the temple to their adopted kids. We are so excited! We'll post pictures when we get back. Happy New Year!