Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn

Last week was the midnight premier of the new movie in the Twilight Series, Breaking Dawn. Crissy and I have been going to the midnight movie since the beginning so we couldn't miss this one. For the very first Twilight movie, the following must have been much less because we were able to wait in the nice warm theater and they only showed it on 2 screens. This time, the line opened up OUTSIDE at 10am (we came at 6pm) and they were showing the movie on 11 screens! The line was huge, a little ridicules actually. We had to sit right next to a garbage can, luckily it was cold enough we couldn't smell it!

Here's a pic of about half of the people in front of us. It was worth it though, the movie was great. Of course the books are better but it's fun to see the books come to life on the big screen. Can't believe they are making us wait a whole year for the last movie!

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Bean said...

Crazy girl! Was it worth the wait?