Tuesday, June 21, 2011

since we've been back

 One of the first weekends here was free fishing weekend! We took the kids to Willow Lake, we didn't catch anything, but they had fun anyway.

 Rogue Valley Tennis Club was doing a free Tennis camp thing for kids to see if they would be interested in playing tennis or not. So I took Chase and he had so much fun. He got to play for 2 hours. I'd like to sign him up for some classes this summer, so we'll see! Almost every morning he wakes up he asks if "it's a tennis day."

The pictures are kinda blurry b/c I was up in this room above to courts so he was pretty far away

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katie said...

Dan played tennis in high school, so I'm sure he'd love our boys to play. I've never looked into any camps though...I thought they needed to be older. I think Chase is 5? Interesting...now you've got me thinking!