Saturday, April 23, 2011

best DI trip EVER

I've been slowly replacing a lot of my picture frames with ones I find from the DI, I like the ones with detail so that when you paint them, and glaze them, the detail stands out. I'm ALWAYS keeping my eyes peeled for a really big one so I can put a family picture in it. Well today was the day! I found the most awesomeness frame EVER. Price tag....$4.00. I'm amazing...amazingly lucky! I'm so excited I can't wait to paint it. However, I'm currently trying to pick out some new colors for my decor. I've been painting some things and they just aren't quite the right color. So, I'm starting over. Oh, and that fabric-y part of the frame, it will pop right out so I don't have to keep that part! 

Here is Kardyn's cute little owl that I finally painted. I love it. I was originally going to go more of a darker hot pink, but I figured if I ever painted her walls pink, it for sure wouldn't be this light pink, so I just stuck with that and I love it. So does she :) 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

spring wreath

I saw this lady somewhere in blog land, paint her wood wreath and I loved it! So...I copied. And the flowers were super easy. This one starts with strips of felt about 1 inch wide and then it however long you want it. Cut slits down the length, like this.
Then, grab your glue gun and start rolling your felt up like a cinnamon roll. Dab some glue every once in awhile and in the end....
It will look like this! I also made some simple rosettes out of other colors of felt. I LOVE the way it came out, the colors make me happy!

Friday, April 8, 2011

add some soap

My parents came into town for General Conference last weekend, which was amazing to actually ATTEND. We went to the Saturday morning session and then my Dad, Zane and Tim went to the priesthood session. Anyway, my mom and I went thrifting while she was here, and I totally scored. I've been looking for a way to add some color into my front room and these little pretties are just the thing! I've primed them already, I just need to head to Home Depot to look for some spray paint. I haven't decided what color to do them. Right now I'm loving turquoise and yellow so stay tuned! 
So I've had this glass stand thing in my guest bathroom for a bit, and I painted it white. Well, I didn't prime it and it's been cracking for months now. So I thought I would spend some time and take the paint off and prime it and paint it again. Well, after I got ALL the paint off, I primed it, and just as I was getting ready to paint the final coat, I totally dropped it...outside...on the sidewalk. Oops, I was sad :( I've been collecting things to eventually make my guest bathroom all vintage-y and old and I just loved that piece. Oh well. Maybe by the time we have our own house again, I will find something better! Anyway, I needed to add something in there because it just looked empty, so I found a smaller mason jar. I loved the flat and the color of the lid it already had, so I kept them. Then I just used a nail punch and punched a hole in the flat until I could fit the pump in it. (I just used my pump from my cheap soap dispenser that I already had, but I know you can buy these at the craft store) Then I used Quick Grip glue, and glued the flat the the ring and then glued the pump to the flat. Then add your favorite soap!
I just love it so much! I'm going to make 2 more for my other bathrooms, and maybe one for my kitchen too! 
And here is my door hanger all finished, I really like the way it turned out! It's just an old picture frame that I embellished. I love it too!