Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My husband says that I'm not blogging enough...yeah he's probably right. This post isn't much of anything, but I'll show you what we've been up to. Thrift store today was decent. I know this is totally ugly, but I have big plans for this cute little owl.
Some detailed frames, although they are pretty small. I can NEVER find the bigger ones
I'm working on something to hang on a door, might keep it, might sell it. We'll see how it turns out!
And these are our NCAA Tournament Brackets for March Madness. I totally sucked this year, Tim totally beat me. And it's pretty sad that I can already post this and the final games are on this weekend. We both got knocked out a few rounds ago. We always fill one out and I thought I was going to have a good one this year, guess not!!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Can a girl be more happy? A whole gallon of this stuff! love it.

Thank goodness I cleaned the bathrooms this morning huh? I guess she needed a place to sleep?
Also, a quick update on my wonderful wisdom teeth. Since I've blogged about them I've had another partial dry socket. I went back about 4 days after I found out about the first one, only to find out I had another one on the other side. Then this morning I went back to the dentist because I've still been having a lot of pain on the one side that has been giving me the most trouble. When I called yesterday to make the appt they said it's unlikely that it's dry socket because everything should be all healed up by now but if it's hurting that bad, they wanted me to come in. So after seeing the dentist AGAIN, he thinks I have an infection in there. Seriously! I'm so done with this! At least it's all healed up and I can stop being so careful about the things I eat. Not to mention I haven't drank anything from a straw in like a month! So now I have to get another round of antibiotics. So fun.
On a better note, I registered Chase for Kindergarten this morning. I can't believe it. He is super excited but it's going to be strange having a child in school. I mean, he's in pre-school and has been since he was 3, but next comes 1st grade!! He's getting so big.