Monday, February 28, 2011

Wisdom Teeth

For posterity I decided to write a quick post about my wisdom teeth so feel free to skip pictures anyway! I went in last Tuesday to get my teeth pulled. I've been needed them out now for about 10 years so I decided it was time (and we have decent insurance at the moment). I was super nervous and my appointment wasn't until 4pm so I had to fast all day. Once I got to the office, the last thing I remember was Tim kissing me on the head and leaving and the dentist saying "let's get this party started!" I felt a little woozy and that was it. I have one memory of being in my car looking out the drivers side window at a menu and that is it. Tim said he was buying me a smoothie and I kept telling him I wanted peanut butter, which they didn't have. He also said I had some interesting comments at the dentist office before I left, none of which I remember. And he said I kept trying to spit out the gauze in my mouth and the nurses kept laughing at me. I only remember waking up on my couch many hours later with ice on both sides of my face. Luckily I didn't have any swelling so I looked normal! yeah! No chipmunk cheeks! So I was starving for the first 3 days, since I couldn't eat anything, nothing hot, nothing solid, can't drink anything through a straw. So annoying. I though everything was getting better, until last night. My right side was in a lot of pain and I ended up taking my pain meds instead of my Ibuprofen which I've normally been taking. Then I woke up a few times in the night, and took another half of a pill. I called my dentist this morning and they got me in to see what was going on. He said I have partial dry socket on the one side. Wonderful. So he pulled out a stitch that hadn't dissolved all the way and packed the site with some NASTY tasting medicine that is supposed to protect it and help it to heal faster. Ugg, It tastes so gross, let's just hope I don't throw up. He said I should be feeling better in a few days, so I'm crossing my fingers! What a fun experience!

Pirate Island

Groupon was having a great deal on Pirate Island in Orem, so we bought it and took the kids last Monday. We've been here once before with the Wood's and the kids had so much fun. They have food and then an arcade and games for the kids to play.

It was a fun way to spend one of Tim's days off! 


So I have been making some items to put in a new consignment store in SLC. I'm excited to see if they sell! This one is my favorite....
This mirror is cool, the picture is horrible, I wish I had a nicer camera. 

I also took in another one I made that has numbers all over it, but I couldn't find the picture so I gave up. This should be fun and I'm hoping to keep making her stuff to put up in her store!

crazy hair

Just wanted to capture Kardyn's hair and what happens when I don't fix it. Lovely

And Chase just wanted his picture taken too...but I thought I'd show how good my kids are at eating...that is asparagus on his plate! And yes he likes it! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

new thing

So I thought I would just kind of do a post tonight with no pictures. Mostly because I had an exhausting day and I feel horrible about it because it was also Chase's birthday. Day started well around 8:30 everyone up and getting dressed. We had a play date this morning at 10 at our house. Picking up and dressing everyone for the morning went well. However, I don't recall feeding my kids breakfast this morning, however, this must be because no one asked for it. Hmmm...strange. Anyway, fun play date this morning with an awesome friend who I feel bad about not seeing as much because we actually live in the same state this time. While she is over, I'm also texting another friend to set up a quick visit with for tomorrow around 10 while Chase is at school. Amy and I feed the kids lunch and they sadly leave around 12:30ish. My mom has also called by this time wanting to Skype with Chase seeing as how it's his birthday and I put her off this morning because we had company. Next we jump on the computer to talk to Nana for a minute, and I really mean a minute because she couldn't figure out why she could see us but not hear us. Said she would call back later when my Dad gets home to fix the problem. So then, the kids are off to play for 30 minutes until nap time while I take a quick Children go down fairly easy at 1:30 and I settle down to watch a recorded show, my guilty pleasure :) Kardyn took an unexpectedly long nap and my 1 show turned into 2 and then I felt bad because I have a library book on loan due in 9 days with 250 something pages left to go and felt I should be reading that instead. Oh well. Chase wakes up before Kardyn, which never happens, and he plays quietly in his room for a bit. Right after he wakes up I receive a phone call from a mystery person's husband whom which I have been communicating through email with his wife for quite some time now. She's opening a store in SLC and wants me to consign some of my items. However I was not aware that they were going to want me to bring things in TOMORROW because they are trying to fill the store before it opens. I hope they have a lot more people because I don't keep most of the items I make. So I find 1 item around my house I can take in and make a horrible last minute decision to make something fast. This puts me in my craft room pretty much the rest of the day. I have just finished my item and hope she likes it. I don't know, we'll see. However, while trying to finish my project, I take a million phone calls, one being from Tim saying he's not going to be home until late but I know Chase wants to eat his "birthday pizza" with Dad, so I quick run downstairs to feed them a snack of pears, peaches and cottage cheese to hold them over until Dad gets home around 7 for dinner. 7 is a super late dinner for us BTW. So get that taken care of and then my Dad calls and wants to Skype with Chase, so we do that, again. Then being the mean mom that I am, shew my kids off so I can finish my project. Tim comes home at 7 and I take a break to eat since I'm starving and then Chase and Dad play Kinect for a bit. He got a new game for his birthday, so they have fun doing that. I wish I could play. I'm upstairs finishing my project. I hope this is worth it I feel like the worst mom ever today. Kardyn goes to bed late, 30 minutes past bedtime and Chase goes right on time, around 9. Tim and I decide to sit down for an hour before he goes to bed and watch a show. Then I'm off to finish my project, upstairs, once again. I think that I will NEVER attempt a project in one day ever again. I'm super stressed out over nothing, oh and not to mention it's Chase's spotlight in pre-school tomorrow for his birthday so I decide to show the poster I made LAST YEAR for his spotlight and make brownies from a BOX (so not me) and call it good. Can I go to bed yet?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chase turns.....the big 5

We celebrated Chase's birthday on Saturday, even though he turns 5 tomorrow. I've been asking him for awhile now what kind of cake he wants. He kept telling me over and over again, he wanted a blue and green triangle cake. Don't ask me what that means...this is what we came up with. Of course it's chocolate, his favorite, but I snuck in a layer of red velvet and butter peacan. It was yummy. Oh and he wanted the filling to have chocolate chips too, so it was bavarian creme filling with chocolate chips. Pretty good cake. I know my fondant skills are not the best, but as long as Chase thinks it's cool, that's all that matters :)


Just a few random photos that I thought were cute. Chase totally enthralled in Aspen's game on her phone.

Cute brother and sister photo. And it's been semi-warm here and Chase has been begging me to ride his bike. So we went for a quick walk the other day. Of course Kardyn has to push her stroller too.
Valentines Day pink pancakes! 

Girl Time

Tabitha is about ready to have a week actually! So we went and got pedicures before her baby comes, it was fun to have some girl time!