Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Maci

Since about last November or so, I've been planning a secret trip. My friend (who lives in Medford) was going to be having her baby girl in January and I really wanted to surprise Crissy and come for a quick visit when she had the baby. So I've been plotting with her hubby Steve to keep it a secret. After talking to Crissy on Thursday, I just knew she was going to have that baby that weekend. So after Tim got home from work, we packed up and headed to Oregon. Before I get further into the story, I have to show you what I made for the baby. Crissy is an amazing seamstress and made a quilt for the baby. She had told me what fabric she was using, and what colors she was using to paint the walls, etc. So I came up with these cuties. They turned out fabulous {in my opinion} I loved the way they turned out!

So We drove to Reno the first night, and since it was a week night, we got an AMAZING deal on a Hotel, and decided it would be fun to stay at Circus Circus. Too bad we didn't pull in until super late so we couldn't take the kids around to see anything fun, but they still thought it was pretty cool.
So after texting Crissy pretty much the whole way there, I found out she had the baby an hour and a half before we pulled into town, how's that for timing! Perfect. Just what I wanted...I wanted to be able to surprise her while she was still in the hospital. It was an awesome reunion, tears and everything. It was so fun, I think my hands were shaking all the way to the hospital and for like an hour after I got there! And here is Steve with cute baby Maci. 
Crissy had an amazing birth story, all natural, and she delivered Maci weighing in at 9 lbs 8 oz! 

So I knew that I wasn't going to be able to spend the entire trip with The Woods, because having a baby is stressful enough, so our old Bishop was kinda enough to let us stay in an empty rental house that they had in Central Point. It worked out perfect. I am amazed at Chase's memory of this place. He was only 3 when we left, but being back must have jogged his memory. He wanted to drive by our old house, and he suddenly remember people when we were visiting their homes before they came to the door. Chase really wanted to see one of his buddies Cohen (and I wanted to see his mom) so we had lunch at the mall and then let the boys play, just like old times. It was so fun.

Tamara is going to have a baby too, any day now! Tamara, Crissy and I all have boys the same age (Feb, March and April) and then we were all pregnant with our next ones at the same time and now theses two have babies AGAIN right in a row! 
We also got to visit our old ward on Sunday, it was nice to see familiar faces

Sunday night we had dinner with the Kings and Skabelunds. The kids had fun playing and it was fun to visit and catch up!

Baby Maci

Crissy has a new house since we've moved and I'm so sad we cant' be there to share all the fun things it has! Her backyard walks out into our favorite park and she has a pool!

On our way home we stayed at the same hotel, but this time we took a tram to the other tower, the kids thought it was pretty neat.

One of the things I miss a lot about being in a slightly bigger town, is a mall. Since I went to the mall often while I was living there, I was always able to find super cute clothes for my kids at nice stores for great clearance prices. I stopped in at a few while we were having lunch with Tamara, and look what I found. This dress from Baby Gap was $8.00 normally $50. They actually had 2 sizes left, I was tempted to buy the 5T as well...but decided against it.

And these shorts for Chase I think I only paid $1.50, also from Baby Gap.
It was a much needed trip and we had so much fun. Thanks for everyone who fed us and let us come play! We miss Medford like crazy, and it was especially hard to leave the sun and 60 degree weather in the middle of January! 


families are forever said...

What a wonderful trip, I hope you move back someday! Crissy and Maci look great!!!!

~Jordyn said...

Your kids are so cute!