Monday, December 6, 2010

my 3 favorite trees

I'm always excited to put up my Christmas decor, but was somewhat unhappy this year when I realized how OLD my decorations really were. I mean, I have a few cute things, but most of them are these snowmen figures that I literally bought the first year of my marriage (that would be 9 years ago). So, I decided I would try and spruce things up a bit. I'm going to spare you the pictures of my old stuff, and just show you the new. Well, at least this project for now. More, maybe later. I found these LOVELY trees a few weeks ago at the DI, all three for less than $5.
Spray painted them white and gave them a super coat of glitter and tah-dah! 
ps-I know my pictures suck, however, I finished them tonight and wanted to get them up online while I had a lighting for a decent picture....oh well.