Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the goings on....

well...hasn't actually really been much. Getting ready for the Holidays have been pretty time consuming. However, a friend and I did sneak in some time and took the kids to Gardner Village to see some cute Christmas displays and try and do a little bit of shopping. I just love this picture of the boys.
I've also been working on another project to "update" my Christmas decor. I saw this idea floating around blog-land so I decided to see what kinda of fun glitter colors I could find and try it myself. I think they turned out fabulous! The colors are perfect! Just found these cone shaped styrofoam cones at my dollar store, got the stands from the DI (candle sticks I primed and painted white) and the glitter from my absolute favorite store...Hobby Lobby. 
Here is where my cute trees found a home....I sure wish I could paint my walls 
and my other trees found a home as well....I love them
We are super excited for Christmas this year. The kids are at a great age. Chase tells me Merry Christmas  every single day and I couldn't love it more especially now that he has his sister saying it all the time too. The kids are going to get to see both set's of Grandparents for the holidays so I'm really excited about that. I think Christmas just gets better and better being a parent because I get to see the magic and excitement in my own kids. We are also trying to help the kids understand what Christmas is all about and try to remind them that we are really celebrating the birth of Christ. Sometimes that conversation get's a little carried away by my almost 5 year old, but he's just curious and loves to ask questions. Hopefully we have some fun pictures to post soon...Merry Christmas everyone!

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Emily said...

I am so glad you guys are enjoying the holidays. Your decorations are amazing!!! I bet your house is always so festive! I love it.
How great that you will be able to see both sets of grandparents? What a fabulous Christmas!

Merry Christmas!