Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Cookies

I know I should have posted this before Halloween, but...I didn't. Oh well. I decided to try my hand at decorating cookies this year! It was fun,they turned out great, but it's hard work. first, I made my favorite sugar cookie recipe. Then let the cookies cool for a few hours. Next, make your favorite royal icing recipe. Then separate the frosting into bowls according to how many colors you are using. Dye your icing. Remember, when flooding the cookies and outlining, you need the same color but 2 different consistencies, so make 2 bowls of icing for this color. (mine was the black) Using my smallest tip, I outlined my design on my cookie.
Next, after adding color to my icing, thin it out with some water and pour it into these lovely squeeze bottles. 

Next you have to flood the cookies. Using the thinner black, squeeze it inside your outline and using a toothpick, spread it out to the edges. 

Before it dries, you add the web (if you weren't using this technique, generally to add other colors, the bottom one must dry completely first) then pull the sides out using a toothpick. These have to set up for 24 hrs before you can package them, and don't worry, they won't dry out. The icing acts as more of a sealant. 

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Emily said...

Anja, those cookies are so cute! You really are amazing!