Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sewing with Mom

Before I left for Arizona, I found this. It's a king size sheet I bought at the DI for $4! I {love} it
I looked online and found a simple pattern

and here's what we got! It was sooo easy, and my Mom is a great teacher because she makes me to EVERYTHING. She just helps me read the pattern and set up the sewing machine. It was fun and I can't wait to see Kardyn wearing it next summer!

UPDATE: I went to the Doctor on Monday to have my elbow looked at again because it was still hurting so much, and turns out it is fractured. My first broken bone ever! It's a fracture in my radial head, and they say it doesn't require a cast, but my ROM is still limited and I can't life heavy things. It's also supposed to hurt for a few months! NICE

We also made this! I bought 2 shirts for $1 each and used one to embellish the other! All I did was cut up the first shirt into strips. Sew a basting stitch and gathered the strips up. Pin them on my shirt and sew them on.


Emily said...

Oh Anja. You are so talented. I love the shirt, and the little dress for Kardyn is so cute!

I am so sorry about the fracture. That is tough, and you don't even get a cast so that people can feel sorry for you. Bummer.

Paige said...

You always make the cutest projects! The shirt and dress are adorable. Sorry to hear about your elbow. That's a tough place to have a fracture!

Mary said...

I love the shirt, you can make me one:)