Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dave Matthews Band Concert

So things have pretty much been a blur these past few weeks. I'm currently visiting my family in Arizona. I've been here for a little over a week, and before that, we had company staying with us from Oregon, and I still will be in Arizona another 2 weeks! So I'm trying to blog from my parents computer, which is a chore in itself. They have a PC, I'm used to my MAC so putting my pictures on here is a bit challenging. They are all out of order and I'm not about to try and spend 20 more minutes fixing them! Anyway, before I left for AZ, Tim and I went to see DMB in SLC. It was amazing, considering Tim has never seen them live and I'm pretty sure the last time I saw them was in Chicago in 2000.

We had lawn seats, but I have never been to this venue before. I was pleasantly suprised at how close we actually were!
Amy and Tim came with us

I enjoyed the concert A LOT, Dave is my favorite band and I LOVE to see them perform, and their music is AMAZING live. Can't wait until I can go again!!!


Emily said...

DMB always reminds me of you. I think it is great that you were able to go to a concert.
Oh, and we are only five hours away from Phoenix from here...where are you?

nic + allison said...

You were probably at the same concert my sister, brother in law, brother and sister in law went to. haha If you ever saw a REALLY tall guy that was my brother. haha So jealous you got to go. Love DMB!

Amy said...

Yeah, that was really fun, even if it did take an hour to leave! It was a great concert!