Monday, August 9, 2010


Let it be known that I intend to be 29 Forever! This weekend was my birthday and I don't intend to admit to ever being older than I am now. Anyway, we had a great weekend starting with my cake! My husband made me a coconut cake which we tried for the first time last year and I {loved} it so I asked him to make it again for me. mmmm....
Then Tim lit the candles and I think we almost started the house on fire
Staci brought over her new soft serve ice cream machine too, it was yummy....
Brandt loved it too


katie said...

Happy Birthday, Anja! I am following close behind you and will be 29 in a few months. I agree about not wanting to reach 30...EVER!

Emily said...

Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!
29 is huge! I think it is bigger than 30 because it is the LAST year you will be in your twenties.
Can you believe how many things happened in the last decade? I mean really, everything that is your life now. Kids, marriage, house, life...crazy. Here is to a good year!
LOve you, miss you, and hope that all is well!