Thursday, July 29, 2010

embellishing an old shirt

I came across a tutorial online on how to embellish a shirt. I thought it was a cute idea. I searched through my closet and found 2 shirts that never get worn (imagine that!) I figured I could cut up the cream colored one (which is backwards just in case it looks funny to you) and embellish the black one that I never wear anymore.
I started with these circles for patterns that I cut out with my Cricut.
Then I kind of made a rough sketch of where I wanted to put them on my shirt. Of course once I started cutting them out and laying them out, I changed it up a bit.
Then I started cutting the circles out by just pining the pattern onto the material.
I laid them out just to see if I thought I was going to need more or not. {note...if I ever do this again, I would pin them on my shirt and then try it on, your shirt will lay differently on you then it will on the table. I didn't think about that and ended up making an extra flower in the end to add on. I still might add more after it's all said and done}
To sew your flowers together, fold them in half, and just use 3 or 4 stitches to hold it. Then open your circle back up, fold it the other way, and do the same thing. This adds a little bit of character to the flower.
Then I used a few beads that I just had gotten at Wal-mart to embellish the flower a little bit.
Then stitch them on! My picture is not the greatest for the end result but I didn't want to take another one {it looks better in real life} Anyway, it was a pretty simple project and it didn't cost me a thing!


Mary said...

Look at you becoming the craft queen.

Christy said...

That is so cute. What website did you find this idea on?

Amy said...

Seriously.... How do you have time for all these projects? I only have time to clean and take care of the kids! Give me some of your time!

~Jordyn said...

Hey! that is so cute! I'm seriously jealous of how creative and crafty you are. :)

Emily said...

Awesome! Again, I am floored at the amount of talent you have.
NOt that I didn't think you had any talent, but is awesome that someone I know is so creative!