Wednesday, June 2, 2010


For the holiday weekend we went down south to visit my in-laws. A few of us also go to go to the Scandinavian Festival in Ephraim and that was fun. Looks of games for the kids, good food and shopping. It was also fun to walk around Snow's campus since I haven't been there in years.
The boys thought it would be "awesome" to cook a pig in the we did. Do you like my FIL "supervising" the digging of the hole.
just checking on it

We also went for a few rides with the kids, they had fun. I also went with my FIL and SIL on a ride and we got totally stuck. Ya that was nice, Staci and I had to dig the Rhino out of the snow, that was fun.
K, this time we are really getting it out
I got bored

And that's that. It was pretty tasty and it fed us all plus tons of extra. It was kinda fun to do something different!


Emily said...

That is pretty different, and looks really delicious. I have always wanted to eat from a pig that has been roasted in the ground.
Cute flip-flops.

Mary said...

I love a good pig roast. So jealous.