Monday, May 31, 2010


Chase took a field trip to the Zoo a few weeks ago with his preschool. They had fun....
Kardyn did not

I really won?!

So about a month ago, I had been entering to win a giveaway on a blog I read...Recessionista. She was giving away an entire outfit with accessories from her store. I was in total shock when read her blog and it said that I HAD WON! I couldn't believe it, I'm NEVER lucky! Anyway, this is all the fun stuff I got.


Something yummy....{here} is where I found them....enjoy!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Yes...I frequently shop at the DI. I'm not ashamed...I actually heard that someone in Tooele found covers for her MICHE bag at our DI...I'm jealous, especially since I go there on a daily bases and I missed them! Oh well. Anyway, I've been collecting these.
You may have seen this idea floating around the blogging world, because that's where I like to get ideas. So for a few months now, I've been collecting these little jars and the candlestick holders to be used for the base. Then I glued them together with this:
Tah-dah! I {love} them.
Now, I wish I had a nice entry way table here to display them on...but I don't.
And alas I think they would get smashed into pieces if I put them here...
So for the time being, they are here.

with candy in them for adults only.....or whomever can reach it I guess :)


I recently was able to see some friends from high school, it's always nice when we can hang out and let our kids play.
I had my MIL take a picture of us on Mothers Day, I wore my Grandma Milton's dress...I miss her. Even though she died when I was only 5, I still remember all the fun things she used to do with me and my sister. Tim made us a yummy breakfast and then we went to my SIL for a brunch for my nephews birthday.
She loves to wear shoes, she doesn't care who's they are, she just wants to wear them :)