Monday, April 26, 2010

why not

Since I'm always in the need of a project to do, I've been hanging out ad the DI a lot...I found this ugly gold frame and thought it would be cute in Kardyn's room, so I painted it pink and then spray painted it with a shiny clear coat.

I also found these mirrors, they had 2
painted them shiny black...I LOVE them! One hangs in my room, which I think matches perfectly with my decor, an the other one is in Kardyn's room.

I also made this bow holder with a DI find. All the pics are backwards, but sorry, I don't have time to fix them
the board got wrapped with just some black fabric I had around the house. I wrapped it like a present and just ended up using hot glue to make it all stay in place. Hot glued my ribbons on, and tah dah! Super easy and it cost me $2 for the board, I had the rest of the supplies all ready.


Shana said...

I think I need to hang around the DI for sure!!!! Way cute stuff!

Brit said...

Those little mirrors you painted black...I just found 3 of them at a yard sell and bought them :) They are super cute.

Brit @ Esbe

(ps thanks for stopping by)