Monday, April 26, 2010

Fillmore Archery Shoot

If you don't already know, we belong to an archery club. We attend "shoots" all summer long, mainly down south. This weekend was the first one of the summer, and the weather was perfect! (expect I got burned to a crisp b/c I'm the only one who didn't put on sun screen...ouch!) Anyway, the kids had a blast, Kardyn walked pretty much the entire course, which is awesome. They have 20 targets set up, and it usually takes us a few hours to get through, so I was pretty impressed.
I just love this shot because Staci is packing Brandt around on her back, I think he was making it hard for her to shoot because he wouldn't hold still :)

my nephew Hunter...he has a bow this year, it's cute to watch him shoot it
Chase is starting young....he had this little bow last year, but I think it's becoming more of a struggle for him because he's left handed, and this is a right handed bow. I guess we'll have to get him a better one soon, he get's a little frustrated since he can't really hold it

Both of my kids LOVE the targets, they always have to tell them bye when we's cute

Grandpa gave Brandt some licorice back at camp....NICE

Tim found a snake, which like 2 of us almost stepped on....and of course Jason had to pick it up, then all the kids wanted to touch it. NO. THANK YOU. I hate snakes


Shana said...

So glad you had a fun time!! And to enjoy some nice weather. Sorry you got burnt. ;(

Mary said...

Sometimes I have a hard time reconciling Anja, the archery enthusiast with, Anja, my childhood friend. Next time I am in Utah we really need to catch up.

Brynn P. said...

I LOVE archery! joke! Haven't done it forever! But that's pretty awesome! and i didn't know you had a blog either! Now i do! yay

Anonymous said...

I have only tried archery once in my life, and I still have the bruise on my arm imprinted in my conscious memory, if not my physical arm. Ouch. Call me a wimp, a wuss, whatever, but the chance of getting a bow and arrow in my hands again is pretty much as close to finding me leaping for a chance to get a root canal. You go, girl!