Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the goings on....

well...hasn't actually really been much. Getting ready for the Holidays have been pretty time consuming. However, a friend and I did sneak in some time and took the kids to Gardner Village to see some cute Christmas displays and try and do a little bit of shopping. I just love this picture of the boys.
I've also been working on another project to "update" my Christmas decor. I saw this idea floating around blog-land so I decided to see what kinda of fun glitter colors I could find and try it myself. I think they turned out fabulous! The colors are perfect! Just found these cone shaped styrofoam cones at my dollar store, got the stands from the DI (candle sticks I primed and painted white) and the glitter from my absolute favorite store...Hobby Lobby. 
Here is where my cute trees found a home....I sure wish I could paint my walls 
and my other trees found a home as well....I love them
We are super excited for Christmas this year. The kids are at a great age. Chase tells me Merry Christmas  every single day and I couldn't love it more especially now that he has his sister saying it all the time too. The kids are going to get to see both set's of Grandparents for the holidays so I'm really excited about that. I think Christmas just gets better and better being a parent because I get to see the magic and excitement in my own kids. We are also trying to help the kids understand what Christmas is all about and try to remind them that we are really celebrating the birth of Christ. Sometimes that conversation get's a little carried away by my almost 5 year old, but he's just curious and loves to ask questions. Hopefully we have some fun pictures to post soon...Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 6, 2010

my 3 favorite trees

I'm always excited to put up my Christmas decor, but was somewhat unhappy this year when I realized how OLD my decorations really were. I mean, I have a few cute things, but most of them are these snowmen figures that I literally bought the first year of my marriage (that would be 9 years ago). So, I decided I would try and spruce things up a bit. I'm going to spare you the pictures of my old stuff, and just show you the new. Well, at least this project for now. More, maybe later. I found these LOVELY trees a few weeks ago at the DI, all three for less than $5.
Spray painted them white and gave them a super coat of glitter and tah-dah! 
ps-I know my pictures suck, however, I finished them tonight and wanted to get them up online while I had a lighting for a decent picture....oh well.

the cutting down of our christmas tree

Alright so I forgot to really take pictures with my camera this year. What can I say, it's hard to take pictures with HUMONGOUS gloves on. Here is my super sexy look this year for going out into the freezing cold.

Mom and Dad cut down a 12 1/2 foot tree, yeah...YOU try dragging that thing out of the forest. Not an easy least I got a work out.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

girls with guns and thanksgiving decor

Cousin Eve came to visit for a few days...they all had fun...
Here is my Thanksgiving decor, nothing fancy. Just something to put up until it's time to decorate for Christmas! 
I whipped this baby up in about 20 minutes using my Cricut...I think it turned out great
I bought this stuff called weathered wood's kind of like crackle paint, but gives you more of an old wood effect as the finish. I was happy with it, I've been wanting to try it out for awhile now. I've had this frame sitting around for a few months that I found at the DI and decided to try this technique out. I like the way it turned out.

Monday, November 1, 2010


If you didn't already know, Tim's mom makes all the grandkids their Halloween Costumes, and every year...they are AMAZING. This year Chase wanted to be Hiccup from How to Train your Dragon, and Karydn was a puppy. 

Some of us adults dressed up too

Pumpkin Carving

The kids had fun carving pumpkins this year. We had all the cousins get together and do it all at once. It was pretty messy, but they had fun.

Halloween Cookies

I know I should have posted this before Halloween, but...I didn't. Oh well. I decided to try my hand at decorating cookies this year! It was fun,they turned out great, but it's hard work. first, I made my favorite sugar cookie recipe. Then let the cookies cool for a few hours. Next, make your favorite royal icing recipe. Then separate the frosting into bowls according to how many colors you are using. Dye your icing. Remember, when flooding the cookies and outlining, you need the same color but 2 different consistencies, so make 2 bowls of icing for this color. (mine was the black) Using my smallest tip, I outlined my design on my cookie.
Next, after adding color to my icing, thin it out with some water and pour it into these lovely squeeze bottles. 

Next you have to flood the cookies. Using the thinner black, squeeze it inside your outline and using a toothpick, spread it out to the edges. 

Before it dries, you add the web (if you weren't using this technique, generally to add other colors, the bottom one must dry completely first) then pull the sides out using a toothpick. These have to set up for 24 hrs before you can package them, and don't worry, they won't dry out. The icing acts as more of a sealant. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Decor on a budget

I love decorating for the Holidays, but hate spending the money. This year I decided to try and come up with some fun ideas using my favorite local thrift store and the dollar store. I bought these skeleton heads at the dollar store (I bought 2 bags of them) and antiqued them a bit so they looked older. The ones on the right side are before, left...after. I had plans to put these guys in my Apothecary.
I found this lovely art work at my local thrift store for $1
My mother in law had given me this mirror a while back....I think I found the perfect use for it!
I took out the mirror and mod podged some spooky green paper onto it
Then I flipped it over and put it back in the frame, and traced it so I knew how much of the actual mirror would be showing. Then using my Cricut I cut out some cute Halloween phrases to make it into a cute subway art photo.
Turned it back over, and mod podged them all onto the front. I did a few extra layers of the mod podge to add some texture since there is no glass covering the art
I also had a straw wreath laying around and decided to try and come up with a Halloween wreath....
But I have a feeling I will be taking it apart next year...not my favorite. I added a spider to the right side of it in the end, but I still don't love it yet.
I also found these beauties at the DI...$1.50 each. I bought the 3 that they had. I could see their spooky potential
Here is the finished Subway art...I {love} this piece. It is pretty much my favorite
Here is the lovely frame I found for a $1.00 with a new make-over. I love it too.
Remember these guys? I found 2 of them at the DI, and a while later, found another. Well I painted it and just couldn't find a place to hang it up, so I stashed it away. Well, it's finally found it's purpose. I cut some black vinyl and placed it on the mirror. I {love} this too.
Here is the finished product. I love the spooky sconces and I found the candles at Wal-Mart (they had the best color selection) for 88 cents each. Then I cut out some more spooky things and added them onto the candles. Love those too. I got the spooky grey cloth at the dollar store, it's HUGE and I had plenty to cover where I needed it to go.
I found the apothecary labels online and printed them out and used rubber cement to ad hear them to the jars. All the jars I've just been collecting, so I have plenty. I have yet to fill some of them though.
That sign I also found at the dollar store, I just added some brown ink to make it more interesting
Those hanging spiders we made one year for Trunk-or-Treat at the church, and a few other things I just have made throughout the years. I painted some cute pumpkins to put up there as well, they turned out cute.

Happy Halloween!