Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Activites

Just before Christmas we got pounded with snow. Chase went outside with Tim while he shoveling.

Then on Christmas Eve Chase helped me make a few quick cookies for Santa
We had to wake the kids up on Christmas morning because Tim's parents wanted to come over and watch the kids open their presents. Let me tell you...Kardyn did NOT want to be woken up! It took her awhile to get happy. The best part was after we opened everything, she wanted to go back to bed. So she took a quick nap before we headed to my sister-in-laws for breakfast.

Here are my cuties in their cute Christmas outfits for church

This was our present this year. We got a new bed frame when we moved (which was our early christmas present!) and we got the bedding for Christmas. It took me forever to find what I wanted! I love it!

Oh and I finally gave in and bought skinny jeans and these sweet boots. I had to buy boots because I litteraly have no shoes to wear in the winter in Utah. In Oregon, I could wear my heals and shoes with no socks all year round! But not in this freezing cold place! K, but I just have to add that these jeans are the most comfortable things I have ever owned! I never thought I would own them, but I love them! Much more practical for this Utah weather! Tim and I also celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on the 27th! We didn't do anything exciting this year, I just can't figure out where all the time has gone! I can't believe we've been married this long!


katie said...

Your kids look darling. I am thinking about doing the skinny jeans as well. Where did you get yours?

Amy said...

Um...You DID used to live in Utah once upon a time...did you throw away all your warm shoes??

JulieN said...

Your kids look soo cute!!! They have grown so much since you left Oregon I can't believe it. I am jealous of all the snow. We had the traditional Foggy Christmas.

nic and allison said...

Love the boots. I also love my skinnies. I would wear them everyday if I could...I need another pair.
You celebrated your 8th and we celebrated our 1st. I can't believe we've been married for 1 year already! Crazy!

Shana said...

Looks like lots of fun!! I can't believe your kids didn't want to wake up!! Man, mine usually are up before 5am on Christmas morning! lol. And look at you with Skinny Jeans. I don't think I would ever dare wear them! I have too big of legs and butt!! I do wanna try them sometime though to see if I would even like them. I have never dared. hehe. Your boots are cute toO! ANd I love your bedding!!! k, bye. hehe.
We need to get together!

Michelley said...

Love the bedding, kids outfits, new clothes/boots, and the cookies for santa plate! Looks like a great Christmas! And congrads on selling your house.

Emily said...

What a fun Christmas. Your kids church outfits are so cute. It looks like everyone got some pretty great stuff for Christmas.
I love the bedding. We are looking for new bedding.

Beckie said...

Love the kids Christmas outfits. And your bedding is way cool too!