Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wildlife World Zoo

While we were in Arizona, we visited the Wildlife World Zoo. We've been before, but it was when Chase was just like 1 or so. It was fun, the kids loved it!
They had these turtles out where you could touch them, Kardyn was all about that.
Chase...not so much. This was all that he could do
Same with the goats

This kangaroo was hilarious, it just sat there like that the whole time we were watching it, legs and arms crossed, just chillin.
We also go to feed these birds apples, Chase was a little nervous at first because they land on you and stuff. But he had fun.
Kardyn was totally mad because SHE did not get to eat that apple.

There was also an aquarium so we got to touch some star fish and things like that.

Chase loved the stingrays, it took him forever to warm up to them though, but once he touched one, he kept telling random people that he got to "touch the creatures!" it was cute


Shana said...

That place looks soooo amazing. What part of AZ was that?? I wanna go! The kangaroo is halarious!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

This might be a bit stalkery. I saw a comment where you mentioned you are from Tooele. My Grandma lives in Tooele and I so adore that town. So, I checked out your blog, only to see this post. I live in Phoenix. I know that zoo well and was just there myself, with my daughter's class for a field trip! It makes me laugh because it really is a small world!
Rebecca of the R&W Gals