Tuesday, December 15, 2009

my semi-craftiness project

So thanks to BLOOM I made this fun wreath! It took forever though because Tooele has like no acorns! And mind you this was before the snow, and I still had to search all over town for them, and still couldn't find enough! So I ended up finding some randomly while we were in AZ for Thanksgiving. It was kinda funny though because I found them on trees at Wal-mart and Tim was totally embarrassed because I started picking them up! I didn't care, so anyway, I got home and started finishing my wreath, yeah like 3 inches short of finishing! So mad!! I blamed Tim of course for making me hurry up and leave while I was gathering them! Good thing my parents had to come back to Utah the next weekend and my sweet sister was kind enough to find me some more!

This is what it looked like before I painted it

I figured I can put any color ribbon on it and use it for lots of Holidays since I painted it this gold color.


Shana said...

WOW, um... so when can we do crafts together?? That looks sooo cool!!! I am glad you were able to get enough acorns! lol, sounds like you went through lots of trouble! :) I need to see it close up! Good job on it!!!

Savannah said...

looks beautiful! You're so talented! I saw that on Bloom too and knew there was no way I would ever be patient enough to finish it! haha

JulieN said...

I am so impressed. I too saw that beautiful wreath on Bloom but knew there was no way I would finish it. I made one with fresh cranberries one year. Hung it on the door and the weight of it broke it in half in one afternoon. Never again. So I applaud your diligence and it's beautiful!!! I also LOVE your new sewing machine. How unique.

Bean said...

Wow! Aren't you crafty. I miss doing crafts with you, it turned out really nice!