Monday, November 30, 2009


We've been pretty busy around here recently, we just got home from spending Thanksgiving with my parents in Arizona (pictures to come soon) and we've been working on some projects! I've really wanted to learn how to sew, which is so silly because my mom (and my mother-in-law) sew amazingly, and I never really took the time to learn when I was younger. So I found a pattern online and bought fabric and took it all with me to have my mom help me learn the basics! We ended up with this adorable little bubble skirt for Kardyn! The flowers were made separately and I think I will just pin them on the skirt, and make some more in some other colors so I can swap them out! But they turned out so cute, I'm excited to use them for other things too! Another fun thing is that I'm getting an old sewing machine from Tim's uncle and I can't wait!! I'll post pictures when I get that too!

This is what we gave my parents for Christmas. Tim took the picture and we had it printed on canvas and we built the frame. I think it turned out awesome (this picture really doesn't do it justice, not to mention it's HUGE) and my parents love it! (we gave it to them while we were visiting). I was really happy with the end result, Tim took so many beautiful pictures of the Temple, we had a difficult time choosing which one to use! My sister is getting a different shot for Christmas so I'll post pictures of that one once it's finished as well (don't worry, she knows she's getting it!)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

my kids

Not much as been going on around here, however we did stop by the Temple grounds the other day. The kids didn't cooperate too long, but we got a few cute shots.

While Chase was at school, I took Kardyn outside to get some fresh air for a few minutes, so I brought my camera along and took some pictures, just for fun!

Snacking on her Halloween treats, she LOVES smarties

Monday, November 2, 2009

I took down my Halloween decorations...

What do you do with un-carved pumpkins leftover from Halloween? I guess having no friends yet has led to some good, see here and here. Thanks for the idea's Martha!

Ghosts and....lambs

Chase had a blast on Halloween. Here is Mr. Incredible himself...and a little lamb. For those of you who don't know, Tim's mom makes all the grand kids' Halloween costumes. Kardyn was a lamb that Indianna wore when she was her age and Chase and a few of his cousin's were the Incredible Family.

Tim's mom went as Edna who created the Incredibles costumes in the movie. Indianna was Storm and Collin was Wolverine and Abbie was a Pirate.
Kardyn wanted to try on Grandma's crazy eyes glasses, it was funny because I don't think she could focus her eyes!

Spooky Spider Web cookies for a pre-school Halloween Party
We made a Halloween dinner for all the kids this year, I think I had more fun making my stuff then they did eating it! Anyway, I made this fun ghost cake. Thanks to Amy for the marshmallow fondant recipe! It was really yummy, much better tasting then regular nasty fondant!
The kids loved the dry ice punch...I mean witches brew!
mummy dogs
scary eyes
banana ghosts
Overall the kids had lots of fun trick-or-treating. And now....let the holiday weight gain begin!
PS-Kardyn has been sporting a nice bald spot on the back of her head! Let's hope she gets some hair there soon!